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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mari Belajar Matematik

How to Rhyme With Math


Things You'll Need

  • Math facts
  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper
    • 1
      Choose the type of math that you are going to be working with. You can use rhyming with all different types of mathematical problems.
    • 2
      Write down the problems that you would like the child to be able to learn. Be sure to use a clean piece of paper and write them clearly.
    • 3
      Write down the answers to the problems. Remember to write them clearly as well.
    • 4
      Say the problem with the answers out loud.
    • 5
      Think about how what you have said sounds to you. Are there already instances of rhyming with math? Some facts, like 6 times 8 is 48, already rhyme. If you already have rhymes, you can leave those. Write out the rhyme in words below the problem that you would like the child to learn.
    • 6
      For the math problems that do not already have answers, take the time to create them. Think of something that you can use to rhyme with and write them down. For example, "4 time 2 is 8, that's great!". Below each problem, write down the rhyme that you have come up with.
    • 7
      Help your child to study the problems by saying the rhymes with them over and over again. Encourage them to make pictures in their head about the rhyme.

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